Mainstream Learners graduate to Friday Night Dancers

More dancing time ahead for everyone. Our February beginner class from 2019 has been invited to move on as Mainstream Learners with our Friday Night Dance Group.

Brad and Johanna have been looking to be challenged even in the early stage of their learning. Both regularly change which side they dance on and this week Brad had more fun by adding 'skirt work' to his skill set.

For our last 'come and try night' a number of ladies came dressed in full square dance attire and bought in a few examples of skirts they had made.

Our brand new learners for 2020 are ready to continue with the 'Club 50', 12 week program, from this Tuesday.

The Tuesday mid year class from 2019 will be focused on getting to the Mainstream level to attend bigger dance functions and possibly the next QLD Convention.

Welcome back to square dancing

Welcome back to everyone at our regular dance nights of fun and fitness with music.
It was great to catch up with familiar faces and friends while getting back into the exercise of body and mind.
We look forward to many more dance nights and events ahead this year.

Tuesday 4th February was our first beginner class for the year.
Our enthusiastic learners from last year remembered most of the movements, without too much trouble, with a lot of smiles and laughter.

It was a pleasure to see four new people try modern square dance for the first time.

Thanks Matthew, we all had a really enjoyable night.

The Tardis Skirt - sewing 16 panels with a frill

OK, so not everyone is into square dance and Dr Who.
Go crazy with your own colours and feature fabrics.

This style of skirt is very traditional with the bottom frill and added lace but also gives you lots of scope to add your own flair.

The base pattern starts with the multi panel skirt already described on our website. The panel length is cut shorter than 50cm with the frill added to make the rest of the length.

You will need about three metres of fabric for this pattern.
This can break down into two metres for eight panels, the frill and waist band and one metre for eight contrasting panels.
It can be broken down further into half a metre per four panels to create more variation. 

The cost can be kept very low by using Top Pop Poplin, a poly cotton blend.
A feature fabric and ribbon is not necessary. You can still make a great looking skirt from a single plain colour or use multiple plain colours.

Some designer fabrics are pricey but not so bad when you only need to buy a half metr…

Holiday sewing projects

With our break from square dancing and some great new year specials on fabric, I have made myself a new panel skirt and some men's scarf ties with some remnant fabric.

If you want to have a go at making your own, follow the page link to get the scarf tie pattern and instructions on how to make them.

The fabric I choose for my skirt is cotton with a pattern that will suit the Floral Fiesta theme at the 2020 QLD State Convention in Hervey Bay.

The large design of the Eiffel Tower forced me to divide my panel skirt pattern into sixteen parts so the design would be upright all the way around the skirt.

To do this, start with the four panel instructions and then divide the quarter panel into another four pieces. Find the instructions for making a panel skirt here.

2019 Square Dance Break Up

The 6th of December was our last dance for the year. The evening was enjoyed by our regular Friday night dancers and learners from our Tuesday night group.

Pam Garson was surprised when she was awarded Life Member of Cane Country Squares. Shirley presented Pam with a plaque and spoke about some of Pam's history with the club.

The award is not handed out lightly, being ten years since a life membership has been awarded. 
Matt also received a presentation as thanks for his year of calling for our club.

We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas break and look forward to dancing together again in the first week of February 2020.

Christmas Dance raised funds for Flying Doctors

Our free Christmas Dance on Saturday 16th November was well attended with some extra visitors from the Rocky Twirlers Club. Thanks Matt, everyone really enjoyed the dancing.

We had three squares on the floor when Matt called at a level to include our new learners.

It was great to see so many people dressed up for the night, most in Christmas theme.

This was the first night some of the ladies from our learners group wore square dance skirts and petticoats and they all looked fantastic.

The hall was covered with Christmas decorations, including lights and a small tree light. Thanks go to those who came in early to set up.

Thanks also to all who bought along a plate for supper.
We had plenty of Christmas treats to choose from.

More entertainment on the night came from Sandy, reading us a humorous Christmas poem and bringing along a large doll she had made, called Dolly.

Dolly featured in a fun square dance display with Matt calling to help Dolly learn the basics of square dancing. Seven m…

Get ready for the Free Christmas Dance

Cane Country Squares annual Free Christmas Dance will be happening on Saturday 16th of November.
Dress in Christmas theme if you wish.

Christmas raffles on the night. $1 per ticket.
Funds raised will be given to the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Bundaberg.

Mainstream dancing starts at 6:30pm
Mainstream Learners and New Learners welcome.
Levels called to suit all attending.